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Nice Simon (Anne) Physically Assaulted by her Partner


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The photos of Nice Simon with blue on the back, a bite on the left shoulder, traces of blows on the left cheek and the swollen right eye had the effect of a bomb on social networks. “Yes, these photos are authentic. Yves Léonard, my son’s father, assaulted me Monday night between 11:30 am and midnight. He tried to strangle me, slapped me and punched my head. I could have died, “told the newspaper Nice Simon, actress, current mayor of Tabarre, Tuesday late evening.

Photo by Nice Simon Nice Simon

“This is not the first time he has attacked me. I had not complained because it was not as bad as it is now, “said the victim, noting that she shut up in silence because she was” ashamed “that we know that she was undergoing these attacks. “I was ashamed as an authority, as a woman. I felt down. This time I decide to file a complaint because he almost killed me, “continued the edile of Tabarre.

This time, the bone of contention reports, she revealed, with the behavior of his companion Yves Léonard who “manipulates” a commissioner of the government of Croix-des-Bouquets so that it goes beyond an investigation solicited by the ULCC for the previous administration at Tabarre Town Hall, from October 2015 to January 2016. “I am not concerned by the investigation. I was not yet mayor at this time, “said Simon, saying that his companion, for having” maybe “information, acts so that the commissioner of the government in question involves his administration in the investigation. “I made it clear to Leonard that I would not settle the matter amicably with the Commissioner. This n’ It would have made no sense for me to meet the Commissioner at the hotel while he drank beer and ate a goat. I wanted to manage the issue administratively. I told the commissioner that he had to do what the ULCC had prescribed, “said Nice Simon, who intends to give a press conference Wednesday morning.

Photo by Nice Simon Nice Simon

The explanations of the accused

Contacted by the newspaper, Yves Léonard denies immediately attacking Nice Simon.

“She must say when I assaulted her at least once. She must give the date and time, “he first said before admitting that he bit Nice Simon on the shoulder because it had bitten his thumb. That’s when she hit her right cheekbone, said Yves Léonard, who points out that for facial marks, Nice Simon has an “acne” problem that the public can not see because his companion is always makeup. He did not explain the blues in the back but said that Nice Simon seemed to be possessed by an evil spirit at the time of a conversation concerning the file for which the parquet floor is in charge. Yves Léonard said he had no influence over the government commissioner in question, revealing that the latter has in his viewfinder a man very little Catholic still employed at the town hall. Yves Léonard said that his wife’s denunciations are politically motivated. “She’s afraid I’m going to vote in front of her,” he said.

Convictions and appeals for prosecution

“We condemn all forms of violence, especially those made to women,” said Senator Antonio Cheramy, actor who shared the poster with Nice Simon in Richard Senecal’s hit movie “I love you Anne”. “I have not yet spoken to Mayor Simon to find out what is going on, but after seeing the photos sent to me, I can only condemn these acts,” said the spokesman. ‘Where is.

“We learned with amazement what happened. It is unthinkable that a woman, an authority be beaten by her spouse, “said the president of the National Federation of Mayors of Haiti, Jude Edouard Pierre, saying that nothing justifies these attacks. “We must fight violence against women. We offer our solidarity to the mayor and hope that she rehabilitates quickly and regains her dignity. We offer him our sympathies, “said the Mayor of Carrefour.

“It’s time that it stopped. Women can not continue to suffer such brutality, “responded Marie Laurence Jocelyn Lassègue, head of Idea International, a feminist activist for several decades. “Feminist associations assume their responsibilities on a daily basis. Let justice and society do the same! Called Ms. Lassègue.

Pascale Solages, a feminist activist, said the actress’s photos are “just a cry for help.” “Help her. Let justice start! May she receive all the support she needs! Psychological especially, “said Pascale Solages, saying that” the publication of these photos, the reactions of society will have in his life in the coming hours the effect of a tsunami. ” “She will need all the help that can be given,” said the activist, who takes the opportunity of this new tragedy to say that “violence against women spares no category of women.” “The perpetrators of violence, all forms of violence against women, do not have a typical profile,” recalled the figurehead of the movement Nege Mawon who believes that for now, the important thing is the action . For the victim.

Photo by Nice Simon Nice Simon

The case of actress Nice Simon is added to that of other women, including singer Rutshelle Guillaume, in 2016 severely beaten by his companion at the time, the singer Roody Roodboy. Between physical aggression and death, there is sometimes only one landing to cross. Like the one crossed by Valdo Jean, boyfriend of Ginoue Mondésir, actress, presenter at Télémax. He had beaten her to death. The aggressor, the murderer is now free of his movements in favor of one of our episodes “prizon kraze, prizonye sove”.

By: Roberson Alphonse
Source: Le Nouvelliste
Translated from French to English by Google translate