Martine Moise Describes Jovenel’s Assasination on CNN

Martine Marie Étienne Moïse is the former First Lady of Haiti and the widow of President Jovenel Moïse. She served as the country’s first lady from February 2017 until the assassination of her husband on 7 July 2021

South Florida (CNN) — When Haiti’s president was brutally assassinated in his bedroom last month, just one witness was there to see it. She happened to know him better than anyone else.

Martine Moise, the first lady of Haiti, was found bleeding on the floor next to the body of her husband, Jovenel Moise, on July 7. But she survived the mysterious attack — and is now lighting a fire under the search to bring the killers to justice.

In an interview in South Florida on Sunday, Mrs. Moise — still in mourning black, her arm bandaged from wrist to shoulder — described chilling details of the attack to CNN and demanded the world’s help in solving the murder.

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